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Hello and thanks for your interest in checking out the Tune Library! If you're a student and already have access, you can log into your account in the top right corner of this dashboard. If you don't have access yet and are thinking you'd like to expand your Irish traditional repertoire while also improving your ear training skills + getting the real feel for the tunes themselves...

You're in the right place!

"I love being able to check how you bow a phrase when I hit something that feels tricky, which tonight was the C part of o’Farrells welcome to limerick. I’d been working on the tune for a few weeks and was really stuck on how to bow that section. After a check of your tutorial, it’s going so much better!" ~Katherine

What is the Tune Library?

This is a steadily growing resource of video and audio tutorials for learning Irish traditional tunes. It started off where I would send individual recordings to my private students, and eventually grew to one shared library that we could all easily reference. If 3 students want to learn the Home Ruler hornpipe, there's no waiting several days for me to send individual walk-throughs of my version of the tune. All you need to do is log into the Tune Library!

Each video follows roughly the same format:

  • I play the tune up to speed so you can hear it in full context, as well as go back and play along with the fast version once you've learned it.
  • Next I break down the tune into roughly 2 bar phrases and play each phrase through twice. The first time through, you're encouraged to listen and be thinking of the notes you need. The second time through, you get to play along with me! At the end of each part (i.e. A part, B part) we play through all the phrases just learned to put it all together.
  • Once you've learned the phrase by phrase section, we play the tune all together nice and slow.
  • Finally we play the tune at a more medium pace if you're feeling comfortable with the slow version and feeling ready to speed up a bit.

Depending on the video, I may have additional lessons thrown in like how to tell if a tune is in Dorian or a true minor mode, or perhaps walk you through a particular technique I'm using in the tune.

What tunes are in the Tune Library?

Glad you asked! Here is a quick walkthrough demo video of all the tunes I have so far (with more to come down the road):

What all is included?

I offer three different tiers for the Tune Library: Basic Monthly access & an option to add on 1:1 asynchronous lessons with me. The Basic Monthly access is $17/month and you can access all videos on-demand as well as request new tune tutorials to get added to the library.

The 1:1 lesson option is $97/month, which gets you all the perks of the Basic level as well as a private video chat channel with me on Marco Polo to get my direct feedback on your fiddling. Essentially this is having private lessons on your own schedule without having to show up for a Zoom call at a certain time each week!

Lastly, there is a Lifetime Access option where you can pay a larger one-time fee to have access to these tune videos for as long as I offer this resource (which should be a good long while!). Consider this my thank you to you for investing and supporting my small business!

Want to watch one of the Tune Library videos to get a sense if this is a good learning method for you?

I've got you covered! Here's a tutorial I recorded for Alexander's Hornpipe -- all videos follow the similar format for speeds and phrase-by-phrase learning:

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