Hello there, my avid fiddler!

My name is Hannah Harris, and I have been helping adult fiddlers get the real feel for Irish traditional music since 2017.

Way back in the day, I realized that classical violin was not my strong suit. Enter in Irish fiddling, and suddenly I found not just my musical voice but also a wonderful community of other musicians who share a love for this tradition! The rest is history!

I'm really looking forward to getting to know you and your musical history as well. The best place for us to connect is in my weekly Sunday newsletters where we chat about a wealth of topics around studying Irish traditional music. You can also book a one-off lesson with me (or more if you like) for specific help around bowing, putting lilt in your tunes, and more!

Available Products

Tune Library

Expand the number of tunes you know and make learning by ear easier with this library of 150+ video tutorials! Includes slow, medium + fast speeds as well as a phrase by phrase breakdown.

Find Your Lilt® 2.0

This course takes you through the steps you'll need to get the real feel for Irish fiddling. Master the bowing, find your ideal tone quality, get solid rhythm for each of the tune types and play with luscious phrasing, ornamentation + variation -- this course is meant to be your companion on a lifelong journey of finding your lilt!

Find your Ideal Tone on the Fiddle

A bite-sized mini course designed to improve your tone quality and bowing!

Find Your Phrasing: Bowing, Ornaments + Variations for every Irish Tune Type

This course is a series of video tutorials on how to phrase a jig, reel, hornpipe, polka (and so on). We're taking one tune, and pulling it apart to try multiple bow patterns, specific places to strategically slur the bow, add an ornament, and pop in a variation. When you learn this methodology for one tune (per tune type) you can then take it and apply it to all the other jigs and reels you know. Optional 1:1 support from Hannah available at checkout.

Free Fiddle Tip Vault

A free collection of my top Irish fiddle tips -- this is intended to be short enough to help you tackle your next level of fiddling without overwhelm, yet long enough to show the wide range of skills you can develop as an Irish fiddler. 

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