How to Recognize Thirds in Irish Tunes

If you've always wanted to be able to pick up tunes by ear when you first hear them at a session, this is the training for you. We're starting small by listening to one interval, and over time you can use the exercises in this video to practice other intervals to further develop your ear for Irish traditional music.

Why I Teach Asynchronous Lessons

Private Irish fiddle lessons don't always have to happen in real time! With everything competing for priority in our daily schedules, it can be much easier to reach your Irish fiddle practice goals when you shift how you go about your lessons. This post explains why I added on an asynchronous option, and why it's been a huge success in my studio for the past two years.

The Dog who Chased the Ducks: Creating a Hop Jig

I wrote a hop jig over the weekend! Come along with me to hear the story that inspired the tune as well as how I went about composing it. My hope is that by sharing my process, you'll see how quickly you can write a tune or use tune writing to help you memorize the tunes you are learning.

How to get more lilt in your Irish jigs

What bow patterns should I be using in my jigs? How do I know where to insert ornamentation into my tunes? I have no idea where to get started when it comes to varying my tunes -- help? This post has you covered if you've ever asked any of those questions!

This is the "RIGHT" way to play Irish Fiddle

I know what you're thinking... saying that there's one right way to play Irish fiddle sounds pretty dogmatic. And you're right! With all the different regional and individual styles out in the world, there really is no one "right" way to play Irish traditional music. However, there are certain factors that need to be in place, working together to create a style that creates a real feel for this genre. In this post, I pulled 7 key factors out to examine more closely. If you put your focus on ...

How to get the feel for Irish Jigs

In past years when I've taught students how to play a jig, we usually make sure that they can play a dotted rhythm and then work on softening that out into more of a relaxed, lilting feel. I still stand by this method, but it can be easy to get stuck in one of the steps and not be able to move into that more fluid connected tone we're going for. So in this video, we're going to do a bit of troubleshooting! I'll walk you through the 3 phases of developing your rhythm: Counting out your ...

Simplify Learning Irish Fiddle Tunes by Ear

Have you been hearing all about how you should learn Irish fiddle tunes by ear, but are still feeling nervous about giving it a try? I get it! Here's a post that covers a simple 3 step process my students and I use to get tunes off of the page and deeper into our memories.


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