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Fabulous! I'd love to help guide you in the process of improving your Irish fiddle skills!

This is a collection of tips that is designed to cover the areas most aspiring Irish fiddlers are looking to improve when they land in my corner of the internet. Each tutorial lasts around 5-10 minutes, and most lessons will provide you with an action item you can apply to your practice sessions right away.

You can expect to receive instruction around:

  • Improved tone, rhythm and phrasing by working on your bow arm technique
  • Specific tune type rhythm patterns to help you develop the real feel for Irish fiddling
  • Adding ornaments to tunes you already know (or learning a new tune with the knowledge on where to include them)
  • Getting more tunes under your belt quickly as well as combining tunes into sets
  • Playing confidently in front of others

I believe in teaching Irish fiddling as a whole, which means going beyond teaching tunes and really looking at all the different skill sets you can develop to become your best version of an Irish fiddler. The Free Fiddle Tip Vault will get you started on all of the areas listed above -- from there you can dive deeper into further instruction with me, and/or use the skills you'll develop through the exercises in the Vault as part of your greater learning toolkit moving forward.

Each tip is designed to give you one specific thing to focus on, whether that's in the practice room or out at a session. You can watch through all the materials in an afternoon, or pace it out at your convenience as you spend more time applying each tip to your practice.

While you could make these tips work for you at any level, they are best suited for you if you are already familiar with how to play your instrument and know a few basics about Irish fiddling. For that reason, I recommend signing up if you have at least 1-2 years of playing experience in any genre and are comfortable telling the difference between a jig and a reel. 

Questions before you get started? Please feel free to reach out to me, and I will be happy to assist you! Otherwise if you're ready to dive in, follow these steps to ensure best results:

  1. Click the "Enter the Vault" button below to sign up.
  2. Get your fiddle out of the case.
  3. Have some fun! :)

7 Modules

Meet your fellow fiddlers!

This area is for open discussion among members of our fiddling community -- feel free to introduce yourself and chat with other fiddlers here!

1. Bowing Strategy

Bowing is my specialty, so in this section you'll get 5 tips with accompanying exercises to create better tone, rhythm + phrasing that I use most frequently with my students.

2. Getting the Feel for Your Tunes

My whole spiel is helping you get the real feel for Irish fiddle tunes -- which is a huge topic! So to help reduce overwhelm and aim for a few quick wins, this section is breaking down a couple of jig + reel rhythms to help you develop consistency and groove.

3. Ornamentation

Another popular skill to have in your Irish fiddling toolbox: ornamentation! There's a lot to cover, so you'll find my top 3 tips to get you started here.

5. Playing With a Confident Mindset

Whether you're practicing at home with your cat staring at you judgingly or performing out in public, mindset is a crucial part of your fiddling journey and shouldn't be overlooked! We'll look at 2 areas where you can build confidence in your fiddling.

Your next steps (Do this module last!)

Now that you have all these tips in your toolkit, how are you going to use them to get the results you want in your playing? This section will help you assess what type of learning environment is best for you and your continued Irish fiddle skill development.

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