Asynchronous Lessons

Want to get the real feel for Irish fiddling, but live Zoom lessons just won't fit your schedule?

Great news -- you can still enjoy the benefits of working with a private teacher! When you book asynchronous lessons with me, we may not be meeting in real time but you are still getting personalized feedback on your fiddling. It's an encouraging place meant to help you develop the skills you need to play with an authentic sounding Irish lilt in your fiddling.

  • No stress over trying to find a meeting time that fits both our schedules.
  • No waiting weeks between lessons to get your questions answered.
  • No wondering what on earth you should focus on in your practice time that week.

Sounds ideal? Book your spot here!

If you're reading this, you're ready to go from merely wishing you sounded like a fiddler who grew up in a traditional Irish music household to...

  • Feeling comfortable playing fiddle tunes in front of others + on camera,
  • Playing tunes faster without sacrificing sound quality,
  • Sitting in and starting sets with confidence at your local session,
  • Figuring out what bow patterns work best for certain tune types,
  • Playing with glorious rhythm that might make your guitar friend shed happy tears,
  • Adding in the sparkly bits to your tunes: ornamentation, variation and expression

Imagine yourself 6 months from now...

Not only have you found out there is a local Irish traditional music session in your area, but you've also gotten to join in! The musicians are friendly, full of encouragement, and you've found a great way to unwind at the end of a long day -- in community with your fellow trad musicians. You feel a sense of belonging and also a sense of curiosity... "Can I match my style to mimic the button accordion player sitting next to me?" "Can I try learning this new tune by ear on the spot?" "What about throwing in a new bow pattern?"

This is all possible with the right blend of practice + accountability + support + taking action... all of which you can get by taking lessons with me!

"This lesson structure is working really well - I love knowing that all those tunes are ready and waiting for me! It's also really easy to navigate. The audio files you posted for sets (e.g. Star/Tea/Gardens) are also perfect - by the time I get to needing those, it's really just the audio I need and not the video. Thank you for all your ongoing support! It's a pleasure working with you :)" ~Katherine

What's Included:

  • Asynchronous lessons with me via Marco Polo: We use an app called Marco Polo to have our "lessons" -- it's basically texting but with video. This app works on mobile devices only (check here to see if you have a device that supports MP) and has both free and paid options, either of which will work with this lesson model. With Marco Polo you send me a video of you playing for feedback + any questions or specific tutorial requests (i.e. where should I put ornaments in the Boys of Malin). I'll send you a response within two business days Mon-Fri. 
  • Access to the Tune Library: The tune library began as tutorials for individual students wanting to learn my take on a tune. Then we thought... why not put all of these tunes in one steadily growing hub so other students can learn them too? With over 150 tunes (more added every Tuesday), this resource allows you to learn tunes by ear phrase-by-phrase and includes the slow, medium and fast speeds for playing along. 
  • Complimentary Access to Live Group Hangouts: All students receive an invite to attend a live Zoom call 2x a month (usually the 2nd Thursday and 4th Tuesday at 7pm EST). We treat these calls as a relaxing chat among friends. They're a place to share what you're working on, what you're struggling with, and any wins you've experienced in your playing.

Questions before you get started? Book a free 15 minute consultation call with me, and let's chat to see if asynchronous lessons are a good fit for your needs at this time!

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