Find your Ideal Tone on the Fiddle

Tone is one of the most fundamental and important elements for playing your fiddle with an Irish lilt. If you don't like the sound you're producing with your instrument, it's going to be that much harder to sit down and work consistently on all the other areas like wrist flexibility, rhythm and phrasing!

Enter... this mini course to help you play your fiddle with a tone that you love!

We're going to be looking at 2 of the most important factors to achieving good tone. Find Your Ideal Tone on the Fiddle is designed to help you to consider and play around with what good tone means to you -- and more importantly, how you go about creating that sound for yourself!

This course includes:

  • 2 video tutorials to demonstrate and walk you through the exercises for getting the best tone out of your fiddle using your bow
  • Repeatable exercises you can use right away in your practice sessions
  • Guiding questions to help you determine where you're at and where you want to go with your bow technique
  • Priority email support as you move through the course material

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3 Modules

Find your Placement

Your sound changes depending on where your bow hits the string and which part of the bow you're using. We're going to experiment with all those different areas in this lesson so you can find the "sweet spot" on your fiddle to produce the tone you want.

Find your Parameter

This training covers how to establish how much bow you're using, and why it's important to even out your bow strokes to stay within the parameters you've set!

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