Find Your Phrasing: Bowing, Ornaments + Variations for every Irish Tune Type

If you're looking to improve your phrasing in your Irish fiddle tunes, I am guessing you will relate to one of these two scenarios:

1. You know there's a right way and a wrong way to bow a tune, and you're not happy with your current bowing choices. You need someone to give you a hint on the right way to bow -- once you have one good example, this will allow you to make better bowing choices in all your tunes moving forward.


2. You feel restricted when you're trying to remember one specific bowing pattern, and ultimately it ends up throwing off your rhythm and groove, so you just want to feel free to bow the tune as it comes. And yet you also sense there could be some better ways to bowing than what you're currently doing...

Good news, my friend! This course is tailored to help both of these situations!

How, you may ask?

In both Option 1 & 2, you're not happy with your current bowing patterns, and you need options to help you move forward. You can choose one option, or you can practice several of them and allow them to naturally become part of your flow -- the goal is to not think too hard about the bowing, while also being able to be flexible in the moment without sacrificing tone, rhythm or speed.

This course is designed to put you on the right track for using good bow patterns, placing ornaments and adding variations to your tunes.

Each module focuses on a different tune type (i.e. jig, reel, hornpipe) and contains the following materials:

  • A video tutorial where we'll play through one tune and examine several bowing, ornament + variation options in detail.
  • Written description of the key takeaway bow patterns and ornaments to add to each tune type
  • Time stamps for the video so you can skip around to the parts you need and put aside the ones you don't (especially for my people who want just one bow pattern)
  • A video tutorial of the tune we're examining for you to learn by ear 

It can be overwhelming to think about all of the different options out there -- after all, there is no single "right" way to bow or ornament a tune, and that's part of the beauty of Irish traditional music. However, my goal with this course is to keep things simple by giving you one tune per tune type, and also at the same time giving you multiple routes to take for bowing these tunes well so you're not stuck remembering "one exactly right way to bow."

There is also an option to get 1:1 support from me so that I can give you personalized suggestions for what bow pattern to put where, and what ornaments lend themselves best to your particular style and lilt.

In this course you'll be doing a lot of exploring and experimenting to see what works for you. Are you ready to find your phrasing?

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